A full range of refrigeration valves for R744 and hydrocarbons

The EU’s 20-20-20 Goals:
+ Reduction of Green House Gas levels by 20%
+ Increase share of renewables to 20%
+ Reduce energy consumption by 20%

Refrigera™ 4-way Reversing Valve the key component in Heat Pumps
By using the heat in the air, earth and water, heat pumps have the potential to significantly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions.

The 4-way Reversing Valve provides heating and cooling efficiency by reversing the flow direction of refrigerant. The cycle inversion needs no solenoid pilot valve and no slider movement, reducing the risk of mechanical seizures due to environmental conditions, the presence of dirt or particles. In comparison to the solenoid pilot valves, where the pressure differential regulates the movement of a slider, which changes the direction of the refrigerant, the ball-valve design guarantees minimum pressure drop and a very low risk of leakage, therefore preventing the fault from completing the opening/closing cycle and ensuring a quick changeover, even without any pressure differential. The ball is suspended by 4 Teflon seats and is able to work at maximum temperature or even in case oftotal absence of pressure in the system. The valves are suitable for all P.E. Directive Group 1 or 2 refrigerants and operate under the full pressure of the heat
pump system.

>Refrigera is Natural Refrigerant Ready
Refrigera™ 4-way Reversing Valves offer a wide range of connection sizes and allow for special configurations for specific applications upon request. The valves could be supplied to be fully compatible with Natural Refrigerants, which have both low Global Warming Potential (GWP) and zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP). Below the nominal diameter of 32, the valves have been designed to work in the transcritical CO2 cycle, PS120 bar (90bar differential pressure).

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