Refrigeration: products for Freon and CO2 / R744

Refrigera® deals with the design, manufacture and marketing of ball valves and components for industrial refrigeration and air conditioning for nearly 20 years according to ISO 9001/2008 and in accordance with European legislation 97/23/EC (Pressure Equipment Directive). Depending on the type of refrigerant and the maximum working pressure allowed manufactures:

Ball valves, safety and changeover valves

  • Full bore ball valves with DN from 6 mm to 133 mm bi-directional type, available with preloading, 2 or 3 way, with or without electric actuator.
  • Safety valves for protection against over pressure, between 1/4 "and 1-1/4"
  • Non-return valves (check valves) with NB between 6 mm and 80 mm (3-1/8")
  • Indicators and humidity sensible element, consisting of a coloured indicator which shows the value of moisture
  • Filter driers with molecular sieve filtration suitable for particles smaller than 10 microns
  • Ball valves with NPT connections
  • Ball valves for TurbocorTM compressors
  • Flanged Valves
  • 3-way changeover devices to mount two safety valves in parallel
  • Rotalock Valves
  • Fittings and Adapters

Conditioning: branch joints, headers and adapters

Refrigera is also a world's leading diversified manufacturer of joint, headers, valves and adapters for HVACR and VRF, providing precision-engineered solutions (to know the wide range of VRF products please download the Branch Joints Catalogue):

Innovation and Quality

Refrigera is a young and dynamic Company that aims to offer innovative products to compete on international markets. The research and development is able to satisfy most of the customers needs , which are closely monitored by the Engineering Department, Sales and the Field Service.

In recent years many projects have been launched to continue studying and developing innovative solutions to reduce time to ball valves to operate on the plants, by seeking a complete line of electric actuators for remote control of valves. We have been constantly tried to reduce weight and dimensions of the valves up to 12mm with the introduction of new ball valve Zero which, although simplified in components than those of larger diameter, has high flow rate, high performance and reliability. And we are still working to improve efficiency and to reduce pressure drop across check valves. About Refrigera Check valves you can appreciate the reduced noise, the possibility to mount them in every position and the best efflux coefficients of the market, completed in a wide range up to 3-1/8 ".

Many innovations have been carried on to develop and improve the large diameter (up to 5 ") valves full-bore, which have been upgraded to be fully manufactured by turning a single steel bar and to reduce component and, therefore, eliminate the risk of defects during assembly. Many innovations have been applied to the well established L-type ball valves, specially to fit performance of the new generation of rotary type compressors Turbocor and to promote their high efficiency.

Refrigera® provides the usual high quality standards for its traditional products line, including liquid indicators, fittings, adapters and safety valves to be fitted together with their three-way changeover valves separately sold or in combination. Also highlight the new solid filter cartridge NB up to 2-5/8 ", also appreciated as the molecular sieve filters range in stock from a long time.

Refrigera® is owner of high-tech equipment that permit to keep components controlled in all phases of Operation: All valves are tested according to UNI EN 1593:2004 and 1779:2004.

Innovation technology

Continuous improvement

Refrigera is the first refrigeration OEM to walk this way, as to be a leading provider of systems that are widely anticipate the replacement of refrigerants with GFP ...

The future: Rapid Connections

Refrigera® Company always pays attention to the needs of installers and works to make its components increasingly easy to use ...