Branch joints and headers

Refrigera Industriale by a 400 items Catalogue of Branch Joints, Headers and Adapters offers high-quality standards components for the world's leading VRF air conditioning systems at a very competitive price. Furthermore to meet every customer requirements Refrigera has developed a range of products of both metric and imperial sizes. Our commitment to quality is highlighted by the pressure testing carried out on every single components. Each components of our catalogue can be supplied with the tailor-made insulation designed and manufactured using fire-resistant material. Derivazioni, collettori e adattatori per sistemi di condizionamento VRF Branch Joints for VRF Air Conditioning Systems, Headers for VRF Air Conditioning Systems, Capillarity Tube-exchangers, Serpentine, Piping systems Fittings
  • Chillventa 2016
  • MCE 2016